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Luis Anibal | Wholesale

Luis Anibal | Wholesale


Hazelnut, Citrus, Milk Chocolate
Luis Anibal, Finca Villa Betulia
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Luis Anibal | Wholesale

Situated in Acevedo in the south of Huila is Finca Villa Betulia, owned and operated by Luis Anibal Calderón - one of the most progressive and experimental coffee growers in the region. As Luis has an incredible passion for finding unique varieties of coffee cherry on his farm, he now has 32 unique and segregated varieties on his farm that he is able to process individually.

Through our friends at Cofinet, we have been able to build a relationship with Luis in order to guarantee him and his family a certain amount of coffee per year will be contracted by us for the next few years at least. This allows us the consistency, quality and transparency to run this delicious coffee all year round, and allows Luis the freedom to be able to afford to experiment more with his process- ing of unique varieties without the financial risk.

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