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La Guadalupe | Wholesale

La Guadalupe | Wholesale


Dried Fig, Brown Sugar, Pecan
La Virgen
Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
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La Guadalupe | Wholesale

We are delighted to present this exquisite coffee, crafted in collaboration with Caravela. Produced by ten dedicated farmers from the picturesque township of Guadalupe in Huila, Colombia, this coffee reflects a rich tradition of multi-generational farming. These farmers have embraced both tradition and innovation, adopting new varieties and refining their processing and drying methods, resulting in superior quality and better prices.

Managing around 4 hectares each, these farmers work with their families and neighbours in a true spirit of community. Their passion for coffee, inherited through generations, fuels their dream of leaving a legacy of excellence and prosperity. Each farm’s wet mill and drying facilities are meticulously maintained, ensuring top-notch quality control. This commitment reflects their dedication and aspiration to craft something truly extraordinary for you to taste in your cup.

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