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Jogging Club

Jogging Club

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Jasmine Tea, Orange Zest, Nectarine
Halo Beriti
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Jogging Club

Modus is proud to announce a collaboration with the Social Jogger, a Perth-based brand celebrated for its stylishly simple athletic wear. Together, we’re introducing a unique coffee roast from Ethiopia’s Gedeb region, sourced from the Halo washing station. Established in 2016, Halo has quickly risen to prominence within Gedeb, covering 1240 hectares and supporting 170 local farms.

Following a rigorous selection process, cherries are dried on raised African beds, promoting optimal airflow and even drying over 15-21 days. This careful, meticulous processing creates incredible clarity in the cup, that showcases the coffee's natural complexities, offering a bright, vibrant and delicious experience that exemplifies the Gedeb terroir. Perfect for enjoying a morning walk around Lake Monger.

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