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Jesus Sabag Javier

Jesus Sabag Javier


Bergamot, Cherry, Lime
Jesus Sabag Javier, Finca El Guayabal
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Jesus Sabag Javier

Jesus' origin story begins over 30 years ago with his father who envisioned a simple yet fulfilling life rooted in agriculture. Initially covered with Guaba trees, the farm was aptly named El Guayabal and was home to both conventional coffee and sugar cane. That was until Jesus inherited the farm in 2019.

Realising the potential for increased income with specialty coffee, Jesus shifted his focus. In 2020, they produced their first lot of specialty Geisha coffee through selective harvesting, marking a proud accomplishment. Being relatively new to specialty coffee, El Guayabal lacks the infrastructure for processing and relies on an organisation led by Victoria Marini to handle the wet coffee.

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