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Decaf de Caña

Decaf de Caña


Caramel, Milk Chocolate
Decaf de Caña | Decaffeinated at DESCAFECOL
Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
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Decaf de Caña

This coffee comes from selected lots from smallholder farmers in the Huila region of Colombia. The individual lots are cupped and analyzed seperately to assess quality in order to only use the highest quality for this blend. Then blended and milled before being transported to the local Descafecol plant in Manizales.

Descafecol uses mountain water and ethyl acetate derived 100% from the local sugarcane production, to gently extract the caffeine whilst retaining the delicious characteristics of the green coffee and adding a bit of extra sweetness. This results in a sweet and complex delicious decaf coffee.

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