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Danson & Josephine Karugouto

Danson & Josephine Karugouto


Raisin, Honeydew, Sweet Tea
Danson & Josephine Karugouto, Dagitu
SL28, SL34
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Danson & Josephine Karugouto

Dagitu, a small AA micro-lot in Kenya's Kiambu County, is a labour of love for 71-year-old owner Danson Wanyutu Karugouto and his wife, Josephine. Situated on a 25-hectare piece of land within a larger family-owned estate, Dagitu benefits from the region's cool climate and fertile volcanic soil - courtesy of the extinct volcano, Mt. Kenya.

Danson's commitment to producing exceptional coffee is evident in his meticulous (almost visionary) farming practices, which include intercropping coffee with banana, avocado, and macadamia trees, as well as maintaining a poultry farm for added fertility. The result? A stand-out yield brimming with delightful notes of raisin and honeydew, and a delicious sweet tea finish.

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