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Anastase Mudaheranwa

Anastase Mudaheranwa

Kamageri, Rwanda

Kumquat Jam, Plum, Nougat
Anastase Mudaheranwa
Red Bourbon
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Anastase Mudaheranwa

It’s exceptionally rare to acquire coffee traceable to a single producer in Rwanda, making our access to this special lot from Anastase Mudaherenwa quite fortunate. Anastase, aged 81, boasts an impressive estate with 5,200 coffee trees spread across 15 plots of land. Inherited from his parents during his teens, Anastase’s coffee-growing expertise spans over 60 years, witnessing significant industry changes.

Initially, coffee processing involved laborious hand-pulping using stones, with growers selling dried parchment to anonymous brokers at very low prices. Presently, Anastase supplies his cherry to Buf Coffee, which operates its dry mill, enabling the processing of smaller lots with heightened quality control while minimizing costs. This partnership allows Anastase to thrive as a coffee farmer, securing a future for his descendants in specialty production.

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