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Afterwork | Wholesale

Afterwork | Wholesale

½ caffeinated coffee | Espresso

Dates, Candied Orange, Dark Chocolate
Decaf de Caña, Colombia & Los Milagros, Mexico
Washed | EA Decaf
Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Castillo
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Afterwork | Wholesale

Since we’ve been able to get such delicious decaf coffees, we wanting to do a half caff blend to offer for folks to sit and drink a big carafe of batch brew by yourself without feeling the affects from all the caffeine afterwards, but still be crazy delicious.

We think our decaf is the bomb, so that was a no-brainer. And in terms of what to blend it with, we wanted something that was delicious and added some acidity to the cup, as the decaf is all about that sweetness, without contrasting against the decaf. There is an art to choosing coffees to blend together, ensuring that they complement rather than compete in the cup, and this combo tasted the best to us, as the Los Milagros has a wonderfully balanced acidity, but probably could use the sweetness from the decaf to highlight that more. Ending up in a more balanced cup that either one alone.

We teamed up with ours friends at Afterwork VC to bring you this delicious blend.

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