Going Green with EcoBarista Compostable Coffee Bags

Going Green with EcoBarista Compostable Coffee Bags

At Modus, we're always seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact and make sustainable choices. We're proud to announce that we've now switched to EcoBarista compostable coffee bags, which are made from sugarcane, cassava, and cornstarch and are 100% home compostable.

Composting these bags at home is simple and easy.

  1. Remove the degassing valve.
    Remove the valve by peeling it off the bag. Easy as that.

  2. Dispose of the valve responsibly.
    Most local councils will accept the valve in recycling bins, so it's always best to check with yours to see if recycling is possible. If not, place it in the general rubbish bin.

  3. Compost the bag.
    The remaining bag (including the zipper) is 100% home compostable. Happy days! Simply add it to your garden compost, and it should take around 12 weeks to break down (give or take, depending on conditions and climate).

Why does the bag have a valve?

The degassing valve on the coffee bag plays an essential role in keeping our coffee fresh and preventing the bag from bursting. Freshly roasted beans release CO2 gas, and the one-way valve allows the CO2 and other gases to escape from the bag while locking in the coffee's freshness. The valve also works as an indicator for the coffee roaster if there is a problem during the roasting process.

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