Brew Guide: Stovetop

Brew Guide: Stovetop

Brewing a delicious and full-bodied coffee doesn't have to break the bank with an expensive espresso machine. With a stovetop brewer, you can create an espresso-style coffee at a fraction of the cost. This brew guide provides an easy-to-follow recipe that works for any size of stovetop brewer, ensuring you achieve the perfect brew every time.

What you'll need

  • Stovetop brewer
  • Kettle
  • Coffee grinder
  • Cup or vessel
  • High-quality coffee beans


  1. Begin by grinding your coffee beans slightly coarser than you would for espresso, but still fine enough to ensure a rich flavor.
  2. Fill your brewer's basket with enough coffee to loosely fill it, and then flatten off the top to ensure an even extraction.
  3. Next, fill the base of your stovetop brewer with hot water, stopping just below the safety valve.
  4.  Place the basket on top, using a tea-towel to hold the hot base securely, and screw the top on tightly to seal it.
  5. Set the brewer on a low to medium heat on your stove and wait until you hear a gurgling sound. This indicates that the water has been forced through the coffee and into the upper chamber of the brewer. Once you hear this sound, remove the brewer from the heat and run the base under cold water to stop the brewing process.s
  6. Now, it's time to pour and enjoy your delicious coffee!
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