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Todosanterita | Wholesale

Todosanterita | Wholesale


Plum, Malt, Treacle
Small-holder farmers from Cooperativa Todosanterita
Pache, Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Typica
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Todosanterita | Wholesale

Cooperativa Todosanterita is run by 150 small-holder local farmers who contribute to the Coops lots. Fortunately, considering that the area is quite isolated, good access to fresh water in the Todosanterita area means that farmers can process their own coffee, instead of taking it to a local mill to be processed. This allows for fresher, cleaner coffee to be washed and processed on each farm with more care and control, creating some really clean and delicious lots.

Huehuetenango is in the highlands of the Sierra de Los Cuchumantanes in southwest Guatemala and has some of the best climates for coffee cultivation in the country. Relatively dry weather and high altitude, paired with protection from frost by the warm air currents coming through from Mexico, allow coffee growers a good foundation to grow and process great coffee.

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