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Ruby Esperanza Urbano

Ruby Esperanza Urbano

La Unión, Colombia

Plum, Kiwi Fruit, Amaretti
Finca El Diviso
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Ruby Esperanza Urbano

This coffee originates from El Diviso farm, cultivated by Ruby Esperanza Urbano. Harvested according to strict ripeness criteria, it undergoes meticulous hand sorting after floating to remove defects. Following a 30-hour underwater fermentation, the cherries are pulped, gently washed, and dried under controlled temperatures until reaching optimal moisture levels.

This microlot exclusively features the Caturra variety, which traces its roots to Minas Gerais, Brazil. A natural mutation of Red Bourbon, Caturra is renowned for its enhanced coffee yields and heightened resistance to plant diseases compared to its Bourbon counterpart. With its rich heritage and careful processing, this coffee promises a distinctive and flavorful experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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