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Njagi Muchiri & Irene Njagi

Njagi Muchiri & Irene Njagi


Raspberry Compote, Nectarine, Black Tea
Njagi Muchiri & Irene Njagi, Kanelite Estate
SL28, Ruiri 11
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Njagi Muchiri & Irene Njagi

Nestled somewhere in the foothills of Kenya’s lush Embu County lies Njagi Muchiri and Irene Njagi’s Kanelite Estate farm, a beacon for coffee craftsmanship. Since Kanelite Estate began production in the 1960s, the Estate has become home to over 3,000 trees yielding 30,000kg of unmistakably Kenyan coffee beans every year.

The region itself is renowned for its fertile, volcanic soils and idyllic climate, which imbues itself into the flavour of the coffee produced here. Bright acidity and full-bodied, Kanelite Estate further enhances these notes through their meticulous fully washed process. The result? A standout microlot that reflects the dedication of Kenyan coffee farmers.

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