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Mwalimu Ndichu Kibe

Mwalimu Ndichu Kibe


Blackcurrent, White Grape, Dried Mulberry
Mwalimu Ndichu Kibe
Ruiru 11, SL28
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Mwalimu Ndichu Kibe

Mwalimu Ndichu Kibe is a retired teacher turned coffee farmer from the Kiambu county of Nairobi, Kenya. He currently cultivates SL28 and Ruiru 11. His goal is to improve the quality of his coffee to gain better access to different markets and increase his livelihood in order to support his family.

Traditionally, many farmers of this size do not own their own processing equipment. However, Mwalimu has a small wet mill where he is able to process his own coffee, ensuring full traceability back to his farm. Cherries are selectively handpicked, pulped, and then fermented for 18 hours in a small tank before being washed.

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