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Jairo Humberto López - Wholesale

Jairo Humberto López - Wholesale


Honey Mead, Mulberry, Orange Blossom
Jairo Humberto López, Finca Villa Norena
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Jairo Humberto López - Wholesale

Somewhere under the ever-watchful eye of Nevado del Tolima, a late Pleistocene stratovolcano, you’ll find Finca Villa Norena. At 1,750 metres above sea level, this region’s diverse mix of microclimates and rich volcanic soil make it ideal for cultivating the notably sweeter Caturra, Typica and Yellow Bourbon varieties.

Nestled in this stunning and unique environment you’ll find the farm of Jairo Humberto López - Born into a family of multi-generational coffee farmers, Jairo's relentless pursuit of improvement has elevated the quality of coffee on his farm to remarkable heights. Their ceaseless dedication to perfection and the incredible terroir combine beautifully into this delicious and complex coffee that we take great pride in serving.

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