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Isabel Lopez

Isabel Lopez


Marzipan, Red Apple, Kiwi Fruit
Isabel Lopez Pablo, Finca El Macahuite
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Isabel Lopez

Oaxaca. It’s a region nestled around high mountains that are perfect for growing coffee and other staple crops. It’s also where you’ll find Isabel Lopez Pablo, an indigenous coffee grower who has been cultivating the Typica variety at Finca El Macahuite with her family for over 40 years.

Working alongside her husband and daughters, each of them manages a crucial aspect of production - with Isabel overseeing pulping, washing, and drying. The coffee here typically undergoes a 30 to 36-hour dry fermentation followed by ten days of drying on straw mats. Never one to rest on her laurels, Isabel plans to experiment with extended fermentation in a quest to enhance flavour.

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