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Gakenke Washing Station | Wholesale

Gakenke Washing Station | Wholesale

Kayanza, Burundi

Raisin, Marmalade, Pineapple
Gakenke Washing Station
Red Bourbon
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Gakenke Washing Station | Wholesale

Gakenke is a washing station that supports over 2,685 smallholders living in Gatara, Burundi. Since its establishment in 1991, it has been a pivotal pillar in the lives of local families and a driving force for the country, given the immense value placed on coffee. The station is well-equipped with 224 drying beds and a processing capacity of up to 750 metric tons per season. On average, each farmer takes care of approximately 200-250 trees, with harvesting primarily handled by individual families. The washing station actively participates in outreach programs, including livestock rearing and Farmer Hub projects, to strengthen cooperatives and improve yields.

Greenco is a company in Burundi's Kayanza province that oversees washing stations and supports coffee producers. They work with young agronomy graduates who provide training and manage the stations efficiently. Greenco addresses youth unemployment by offering good salaries and benefits to graduates, along with career prospects. They focus on improving socio-economic and environmental conditions, ensuring certification for their stations and building an efficient supply chain. Greenco also provides training on farming practices and organises sessions on social aspects for farmer groups. They prioritise environmental stewardship with water treatment facilities and solar panels at their stations. Ultimately, their main objective is to raise greater awareness about the exceptional quality and production of coffee in the region.

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