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Francy Lorena Montiel

Francy Lorena Montiel


Apricot Jam, Nougat, Chamomile
Finca San Victorino
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Francy Lorena Montiel

Farming is so much more than a vocation, it’s a way of being - a lifestyle. And for Francy, it’s an all-consuming passion too. For the past decade, she’s been running San Victorino - named after her father and brother as a way of honouring their unwavering support.

Located in Colombia, some 1,820 metres above sea level, San Victorino is home to 0.5 hectares of the Caturra and Colombia varieties. The passion Francy puts into her farm has not only yielded positive results for her specialty crops but also allowed her to support her family and provide an education for her children.

Ask Francy what makes her farm so special, and she’ll tell you it’s a combination of the love she invests, the memories she’s created there and the connection she’s made with the land. And we think so too.

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