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Fixer | Wholesale

Fixer | Wholesale

Chiapas, Mexico

Dark Chocolate, Praline, Golden Raisin
Small Producers of Cabioch
Bourbon, Typica, Caturra
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Fixer | Wholesale

Cerro Malé, meaning "The Hill of Miracles" in an indigenous dialect, is a significant mountain known for its healing properties according to indigenous tribes of this area. The water streams flowing beneath Cerro Malé were believed to have the power to cure the sick. During the Spanish Conquest, the indigenous tribes sought shelter in the tunnels and caves surrounding the mountain, reinforcing their belief in its miraculous nature.

This region has now transformed itself into a hub for producing exceptional coffee. The climate, characterised by humid mornings and hot afternoons is perfect for coffee cultivation. Today, numerous small-scale coffee growers belonging to an organisation called Cabiochi, cultivate organic coffee in the vicinity of Cerro Malé and Motozintla. Cabiochi aims to protect the environment through sustainable coffee production methods, such as avoiding harmful chemicals, cultivating coffee under shade, and implementing strategies to preserve the mountains and the planet. 

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