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Faver Emir Ninco

Faver Emir Ninco


Pomegranate, Peach, Chamomile
Faver Emir Ninco, Finca Costa Rica
Pink Bourbon
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Faver Emir Ninco

Growing up in a coffee growing family, Faver was always set to become a coffee farmer. 25 years ago he purchased Finca Costa Rica in Santa María, Huila. Faver and his family work hard to keep their home pretty and sustainable and invest in the infrastructure to produce better coffee.

Faver’s wife Andrea provides food for the workers and takes care of the drying process, and as a couple and a family, they work together to get to their objective to improve their quality and continue being amazing coffee growers and role models for other farmers in the region.

“You are drinking something produced and made with huge effort of a whole family, and I really hope you can continue drinking this coffee for many more years to come.”

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