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Peter Kugi Ndugo | Wholesale

Peter Kugi Ndugo | Wholesale


Pineapple, Grape, Jasmine
Peter Kugi Ndugo
SL28, SL34, Batian
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Peter Kugi Ndugo | Wholesale

Peter Kugi Ndugo grew up in Kiambu County within Kenya’s central highlands, on his family’s shamba (farm in Swahili) and returned back to the area in retirement from his successful financial career in France. In 2010, Peter inherited some uncultivated land from his family and decided to plant coffee and bananas, and to keep dairy cows.

Nowadays, Peter has acquired more land, with three shambas totalling 10 acres with the combined farms make up Petit Estate. Early on, Peter decided to build his own wet mill (or factory) within Petit to independently process his coffee, rather than going to a cooperative or private mill. This allows Peter full control over the entirety of the coffee production - from farming, harvesting, processing, drying and sale. We are thrilled to be building this relationship with Peter and Petit Estate.

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