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Ajicito Community

Ajicito Community


Toffee, Caramel, Papaya
Small-holder female farmers from the Ajicito Community & ASMUCAFE
Castillo, Colombia
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Ajicito Community

Started in 2009, ASMUCAFE (Association of Agricultural Women of Uribe) supports 54 female farmers from 7 different communities within Uribe, Cauca - one of which being the Ajicito Community. Each producer has around 1⁄2 hectare of land and the responsibilities of the association are shared and voted for by the members each year. The association house is where the women can come together to meet and discuss what is happening on each of their farms, share ideas and QC their coffees. The association invites members to regularly nominate other members to attend educational courses to help improve their agronomy and processing skills.

At ASMUCAFE, the members view coffee as their “peace crop” as coffee farming has brought peace, stability and development to the municipality.

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